Working With Me

In 2018 after almost a decade working within the Canadian Sporting Goods Distribution Industry, I experienced firsthand the changing marketplace and the limitations there were as a Distributor in Canada. It is my belief that the current distribution model has ever growing restrictions that impair one’s ability to achieve volume sales goals that were once available. The leading concerns I had related mainly to listing prices and retail margin requirements all retailers now wish to meet. 

In brainstorming an action plan to achieve a path forward and continue to pursue a career in the industry, I envisioned a new business model working more directly with Brands where I would partner with them, creating a new role as a Sales/Country Manager for Canada. I would oversee the business, working directly with all departments internally with a focus on sales. The Brand would assume all operational costs in Canada. This new model allows for competitive Canadian pricing, the ability to meet margin requirements all while offering quality customer support and direct knowledge of the Canadian marketplace.

Having worked the last 4 years under this new model with I have demonstrated it works from both a Sales to Operational standpoint. I possess the knowledge, have the experience, drive, work effort and passion to continue to build on the successes while working to achieve new goals. I can also assist with Warehousing and E-Commerce needs. 

Most recently I have invested in a B2B Wholesale Portal available to my partners that has been a great tool allowing retailers access to seasonal sales info and the ability to place at once orders online all on one site.

I now want to use this expertise to assist other brands looking to start or grow their business in Canada. I have developed a blueprint that works, built on strong relationships with Major Retailers and Independent Retailers across the country. 

If you are looking to start selling your Brand in Canada or finding as I did that your current distribution model is causing you similar limitations for growth let’s discuss your business and how we can partner together!